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Group profile

KayDav Group Limited (“KayDav” or “the Group”), a public company incorporated and domiciled in South Africa, is a trading and distribution company operating in the wood-based panel and packaging industries.

Wood-based panels are manufactured through the compression of wood waste into solid panels. These panels have a variety of applications in the construction, furniture manufacturing and shopfitting industries.

Packaging consumables and machinery are those products and machines which cater for a wide variety of packaging requirements in the industrial, agricultural and commercial sectors.

Board distribution and adaptation

The Group is the largest distributor of wood-based panels in South Africa with an extensive network of outlets in the Western Cape, Southern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng. The trading names Kayreed Board and Timber (“Kayreed”) and Davidson’s Discount Boards (“Davidson’s”) are the two brand names servicing the panel market.

The board distribution and adaptation segment is predominantly focused on bulk distribution. Added value services such as cutting and edging are offered at all outlets except in the Southern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.

The segment supplies the furniture, shopfitting and kitchen manufacturing and installation industries, while also supplying significant quantities to other wood-based panel distributors.


The Group’s packaging business has outlets in the Western Cape and Gauteng. The trading name for this business is Packit Packaging Solutions (“Packit”). The business is a distributor of both machinery and consumables to a wide variety of customers including manufacturers, agriculture, home industries and small businesses.

Packit has a retail store at the Western Cape outlet servicing walk-in trade.